Learn the job searching strategy that will put you in front the right people
at the company you ACTUALLY want to work for... in half the time.

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Foundations to a Successful Job Search

A video course that gives job seekers the tools and training needed to be successful in their job search.

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Foundations to a Successful Job Search

No worries. The course comes with a

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


30 Day Guarantee. At Couch to Career, we stand behind the ability of our courses to get you results when you spend the time studying and implementing what you learn.

 As our student, when you enroll in one of our premium courses, you get a “30 Day Guarantee.” To put it simply: The guarantee states that if you enroll in one of our courses, watch all the videos, do all of the work, and still aren’t satisfied with the premium content within the first month (30 days), we will provide a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If working several unfulfilling part time jobs is what you want to do for the rest of your adult life, then this course is not for you. If you are willing to sacrifice the additional income and allocate the time needed for this course to work, it can be done if you have a part time gig (though I wouldn’t suggest more than one). This is something we will cover in the course.

1st off, I did not use any recruiters/headhunters to get the jobs I landed using this method. 2nd off, recruiters and headhunters are free. 3rd off, the whole goal of this course is to get you hired, which means you will (more than quadruple!) make back your investment your first paycheck. Oh yeah, and your investment will continue to make you money as long as you keep that job!

When I created/walked through this course, I had just quit my job and moved to a completely new city. I didn’t know anyone, had no connections to begin with and started my search completely from square one. This course provides you with the tools and exercises you need to grow your network of valuable connections and communicate with hiring managers and recruiters to drastically increase your chances of getting interviews. It even covers how to build your confidence even if you are an introvert or struggle with anxiety before interviews. Something I always had trouble with until I followed this system.

When I struggled through my job searching seasons, I search and searched for hours for any kind of online resources that covered the real issues I was facing. No job search site walked me through step by step solutions to bypassing the online job search portals to get in front of hiring managers faster than the other 100 applicants applying for that same position. No job search site helped me overcome deeper struggles like overcoming depression and anxiety when facing 100’s of application rejection emails, or companies not responding at all after submitting my resume. This course is NOT free, because this information is way more valuable than anything else online. Just think, if you were offered a free 5 week course you would lose interest within the first week and never finish. If there’s no skin in the game, there’s no motivation to get off the couch and create opportunities yourself. 

Don’t forget, if you make it through the course, really put in the time and effort to follow the systems I have set in place and have completed all the assignments (trust me, they’re not hard) and STILL aren’t happy with the premium content within 30 days of purchasing, I will refund you no questions asked. I made this course to help people just like you, because just like you, I hate the broken job search system!

This information is valued at over $997… but, I’m giving it to you for just a fraction of that value. For a limited time only, I’m offering Couch to Career | Foundations of a Successful Job Search at just $197.

Remember, once your first paycheck hits, your return on investment will be more than 4x what you invested into this course.



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