How to Stay Positive When Looking for a Job

Rejection is a frustrating reality of the job search. It can be downright depressing hearing “no” over and over again. Going through an interview drought is maddening when you feel like you are giving it your all. It’s important to break up the feelings of constant failure by accomplishing easily obtainable goals between applications and job searching.

Your Simple Daily Win

My biggest piece of advice from my job hunting experience is to plan your day around accomplishing simple goals.

  • Make your bed
  • Walk the dog over the lunch hour by your dream company
  • Call your parents
  • Introduce yourself to the CEO who is always at your gym
  • Read a chapter of that book you never finished
  • Start a conversation with that business woman in line for coffee

Even though this might sound trivial, going to bed knowing you accomplished something keeps your spirits high after a full day of rejection emails and awkward phone interviews.

By accomplishing easily obtainable goals every day, you will step back into your job hunt rejuvenated and successful.

Monday | Plan

Mondays often gets a bad rep. We drag ourselves through the day, wishing we could crawl back in bed and enjoy a three day weekend. In some ways, that’s pretty much what we should be doing. Monday sets the emotional tone of the week. It’s important to slow down and look inward to figure out what you want to do. Monday is a great time to meditate and allow yourself to get into the right mindset to take on the rest of the week.

Give yourself a Monday win by planning out your next application and cover letter. Stay motivated and stay in the hunt for that next job. Keep a positive attitude and remember that your goals are within reach.

Tuesday | Take Action

If Monday is a day of planning, Tuesday is the day for action! Tuesday is the day to get things done and make moves. You utilize the energy by making decisions and sticking by them. A Tuesday win can come in the form of launching personal projects. Do something that is a passion for you, like paint, run, or climb.

It is also a time to get ahead, perhaps in pursuit of your job search. Fill out an extra application or walk around town and look for “Help Wanted” signs. Stay ahead of the competition by continuing to pursue your goal.


Wednesday | Communicate

Hump Day is all about communication and expression. It is the perfect time to be clear about what you want. Communication is obviously a key component in landing a job, or doing anything in the world for that matter. Wednesdays are great days for meetings and important calls. Perhaps you have a phone interview or wish to speak with a career advisor.

To get a simple win, communicate with loved ones or friends. They can provide kind words of encouragement or even direct you to other job opportunities. Keep your spirits high when speaking with people you trust and care about you.

Thursday | Explore

As the week comes to an end, Thursday emits productive and expansive energy. It is a great time to start new hobbies and be open to new experiences. Now is the chance to start something you’ve always wanted to try. Learn a new language, try a different food, or learn to code.

In the job hunt, apply to a new position that you’ve never done before, but have some interest. You may be surprised how much you learn from this exercise. Who knows, you may even get an interview.

Friday | Relax

The day we’ve all been waiting for. Friday is a day of love and creativity. Unsurprisingly, this is a day to socialize and relax. It’s a good time to begin to recharge yourself after a long week and connect with loved ones.

For an easy win on Friday, find your particular way to relax. Curl up with a book or go out with some friends. Set your mind free from the stress of the job search for a little while. You can always come back.

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Saturday | Strategize

Some people see Saturday as a lazy day to do nothing, but that’s not necessarily the energy it produces. Saturday is a day of taking responsibility and getting organized. Look around your house and apartment and catch up on chores. This day helps us find balance in life. Having an organized home helps relieve some stress from other parts of our lives.

On Saturday, you can win by fixing the closet door or clearing your closet of old clothes. You can also organize your resume and strategize your job hunt for next week.

Sunday | Take a Breath

Sunday, indeed, is a day to not only relax, but also engage in some introspection. Take some time to replenish your own energy and prepare for the upcoming week. Focus on your physical and spiritual health. Be mindful of your mental well-being.

For your Sunday win, take time to meditate in your own space, or take a walk through the woods and reflect on who you are and who you want to be.

Every day you can do something to improve yourself personally and professionally. Give yourself a daily win and keep it positive as you search for your next job. Utilize what you’ve learned helping yourself in the job you do get and you will be much more content.

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