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What is the Couch to Career course and when can I sign up?

Couch to Career is a first of its kind step-by-step framework developed by real people who have struggled through the job search process and experienced first hand how inefficient and useless the modern job search system is. Couch to Career is intended for job seekers who are tired of wasting time uploading resumes and cover letters to job boards, applying, then never hearing back. While going through the course, you will learn proven methods to stay positive and productive outside of your job search, all while growing your network of contacts at the companies you actually want to work for. The course will be live February, 2019, however you can sign up to be the first to go through here.

What’s your money back guarantee?

In short, if you aren’t able to get hired within one year of going through the course, finishing the assignments, and showing progress we will refund you 100%, no questions asked. This course is made for you, if we have failed you, we don’t deserve your money. Check out our money back guarantee page for a complete description.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Occasionally we have tools and giveaways we will send you that require you to provide an address. We ship anywhere in the US.