What to Do When Laid Off During COVID-19 Pandemic | Here Are 5 Steps You Need to Take When Job Searching From Home

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis has affected every aspect of life, including job security. For many (if not all) employees working from home or still braving the commute to and from the office, this speculation raises concerns for unemployment, loss of benefits, pay cuts, and begs the question, “What do I do if I get laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic?”

If you or a friend or a family member have been let go, here is your game plan over the next few months. Having a strong and focused plan of attack for your job search will set you apart and keep you focused on what matters, not the panic surrounding the virus.

5 Steps You Need to Take When Starting Your Job Search From Home

Step 1 | Take a deep breath

  1. Clear your head by going for a walk, while keeping a safe distance
  2. Call friends and family often
  3. Remind yourself this will all blow over, you will be ok

Step 2 | Update your resume 

  1. If you’ve been at a company for a while, be sure to make a list of all the achievements, advancements, and skills you have acquired while at that company
  2. Turn those into clear and easy to digest bullet points
  3. Check for spelling – then check for spelling again
  4. Update your LinkedIn profile to match your new resume – be sure to include relevant portfolio assets, ie relevant documents, videos, photos, certificates, etc…
  5. Create a personal website. This will give you the ability to expand on your resume, show off your personality and portfolio. This also allows you to send a url to your prospective companies – much more memorable than just a resume

Step 3 | Clean up social accounts

  2. Google yourself to see what shows up when an employer looks you up
  3. Delete anything that may turn an employer off, ie party pics, drinking, smoking, tattoos, etc.

Step 4 | Connect

  1. Use LinkedIn to your advantage and research employees at companies you’d like to work at
  2. Take the 5 A Day Networking Challenge – reach out to 5 employees at 5 companies 5 days a week

Step 5 | React

  1. Follow up with your new connections. Asking to grab coffee in person is not an option at this point due to COVID, so prepare to ask for an online Skype/Zoom meeting, or just a phone call
  2. Ask questions about their experience with the company, and how your skills can fit in with the position
  3. Ask for a referral – this is the secret to getting more interviews
  4. Thank them for their time

Share these tips with someone you know who has recently lost their job due to COVID-19

Though this is a challenging time for everyone, we can do this together. 

Keep your head up, this too shall pass. 

If you are having a tough time gaining any traction in your job search or are just anxious and stressed about starting the job search from scratch, sign up for my job search training course and use the coupon code COVID2020 for 20% off. Look forward to seeing you inside!


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What to Do When Laid Off During COVID-19 Pandemic | 5 Steps You Need to Take When Job Searching From Home
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What to Do When Laid Off During COVID-19 Pandemic | 5 Steps You Need to Take When Job Searching From Home
Here are 5 steps you need to take if you have been laid off during the COVID-19 crisis.
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