How To Spell Resume | Keyboard Shortcuts for Correct Resume Spelling


There it is, the correct resume spelling, in all it’s accentuated glory. Copy and paste, my friends. Copy and paste.

I know you are here just to copy and paste the official spelling of resume, but for those of you who are genuinely curious how to spell resume with accents using keyboard shortcuts, continue reading.

How to Type Resume to Get Résumé with Accents | Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

  • Windows: Alt + 0233 = é 
    • Tip: Use the numeric keypad on the right of your keyboard; on laptops without a keypad, turn on Num Lock and use the function key plus the on screen keyboard.
  • Mac: Option + e (release) + e = é.
  • To type résumé in Word hit CTRL + ‘(Apostrophe) + e = é.
  • For Google Docs click Insert > Special characters > Latin > é.
  • Type resum and let the software mark this as a spelling error. Right click and select correct spelling.

Is it correct to spell “resume” with or without the accents?

It is correct to spell “resume” with or without the accents. Resume can be spelled résumé or resume, or resumé. However, the most common spelling used in job searches and on resumes today is resume (with no accents).

Although all three spellings are acceptable, resume has become more common. Likely, this is because it is easier to type the word out simply than it is to look for and include the special characters and accents.

Angela Copeland – quoted from LiveCareer

What is a CV, what does CV stand for and why do I keep seeing it instead of resume?

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae, which is a multi-page document that outlines in greater detail your academic history, accomplishments, and accolades. It is typically required for other countries outside the United States of America. In America, all you need is a resume.

There are three differences between a resume and a CV

  • Length – A resume is confined to 1-2 pages. A CV is a multi-page document.
  • Purpose – A resume is meant to be edited to match the job description a jobseeker is applying for, whereas a CV remains a static and unchanged synopsis of a jobseekers work history, academic career, and accomplishments.
  • Layout – A resume is formatted to be a short, easy to read and digestible bullet point list. A CV is formatted in a chronological outline of one’s career up until this point.

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How To Spell Resume | Keyboard Shortcuts for Correct Resume Spelling
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