Mindset Matters in Your Job Hunt

Mindset Matters: Dealing with Rejection Letters in your Job Search

It may sound like a cliché poster in a high school classroom, but there’s some truth to the saying, “Attitude determines altitude.” While you do not have control over other people’s actions or decisions, you do have control over your reaction to them. How you react and how you learn from experiences can help determine your ability to get a job.

All of us have faced rejection when applying for a job. Some of us have faced it 10, 15, or 100 times. It is never something we want to experience, but maintaining a positive attitude is a way we can survive it.

Because so much of the job search process is essentially out of your hands, it can be frustrating to have to sit and wait. It’s especially vexing knowing you’ve put so much time into crafting a resume, writing a cover letter, and filling out applications only to be told “no.” Instead of wallowing in negativity, focus on what you can control. Continue your research, punch up your resume, network with others in the industry, and rework your strategy.

Mind over matter

Think about the strengths and skills you have that have brought you this far. No one can take those away from you. You still have something to offer to the world and to another employer. Regain your power by concentrating on what you can truly do.

Surrounding yourself in positivity is crucial in this vulnerable time. It’s easy to bog yourself down with negative thoughts like “I’m a loser for not getting this job,” “I’ll never work again,” or “My life is worthless.” First of all, those things are lies. And secondly, that kind of thinking will never help you reach your goals.

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Instead of wallowing in the rejection, hook up with positive people in your life. Family, friends, and even other job seekers can put things in perspective and help you build your confidence. Everyone needs a cheering section from time to time. Lean on trusted associates to get you back in the game.

Put this on repeat

Perhaps a personal mantra will also keep you focused and positive. When reflecting on your rejection, repeat to yourself inspiring words to get out of that funk: “It’s not meant to be,” “I am enough,” “I have a lot to offer an employer,” or make up your own. Saying a mantra aloud goes a long way to internalizing the positive nature into your life, especially when going through difficult times.

Keep things in perspective

One thing to always have in the back of your head is your final goal. Why are you searching for a job in the first place? Are you saving up for a new car, a new house, a worry-free lifestyle? Keep focused on the end result and always strive for it. Print out a picture of that new car and tape it to the bathroom mirror so you can see it and go for it every day.

Finally, remember that rejection does not mean the end. Your job search continues another day. It may be rough, frustrating, and awkward, but with a positive attitude, you can make it. Just remember that you are enough.

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